GS Concrete Imprint System is a specialized system in using concrete as a decorative material by incorporating patterns and design in the concrete. It utilizes the versatility of concrete to produce a variety of colours, textures and patterns to enrich the beauty of your environment. It is tough, durable and highly resistant to wear and tear. Most excitingly, GS concrete imprint produces the appearance and feel of an expensive and luxurious flooring at an affordable low cost.

The easy maintenance of GS Concrete Imprint ensures your peace of mind and also keeping maintenance cost to a minimum. It even eliminates weeding and thus ensuring you of a long-lasting weed free beautiful surrounding.

GS can tailor-make the surface to be comfortable, hardwearing and non-slippery to suit different development and construction requirements.

GS Concrete Imprint lands a clean and attractively natural look. It recreates the feel and texture of natural stone, cobble brick or tile. With these characteristics combining with its durability and resistant to wear and tear, it is most suitable for driveways, pedestrian walkways, interior flooring, showroom, pool surrounds, gardens and parks, shopping centres, embankments, courtyards and car parks.
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