GS standard ImageDue to the increases demand and optimistic outlook of the industry, We have taken another big leap to strengthen our extensive business networks both local and aboard. We sincerely invites you to join our team , A business and network which will bring you rewards and glamour.

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The benefits of becoming a GS Distributor / Applicator

1. Being a GS Pave product distributor or applicator, you deal direct with the manufacturer with an in depth understanding of its products and enjoy the benefit of cost savings.

2. You will also be backed up by our extensive knowledge and experience in our products. Our experienced technicians and engineers would be glad to assist you should you need any guidance encountered in your business operations with regard to our products.

3. GS's key application technicians have the benefit of being trained by experienced and reputable licensed applicators from Australia. Over the years, they have also accumulated vast experiences and in-depth understanding of concrete imprint works in their own right. They could be arranged to assist you in training your technicians in concrete imprint applications, update you on new ideas in achieving a higher standard of work and demonstrating to you any new application procedures which would enhance the efficiency of your work.

We look forward to team up with you in the world of architectural concretes. Should you need further detail information of teaming up with GS. Please feel free to contact us. Our professional, amicable and zealous GS staffs will be glad to assist you. Contact GS